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Today’s Guest Author is Jenn from Pin or Pass.

About Jenn: I’m the blogger behind Pin or Pass, a blog dedicated to trying pins and rating them. If they are easy to bring to life and can be done at a reasonable price, they get a PIN. If they bomb or are expensive the pin gets a PASS. Follow me as I solve all of life’s little problems one pin at a time!

You can find Jenn on Pinterest at

Was it a Pin-win or Pin-tastrophe? #DIY Wall Art With Your Welcome Mat  >

Since moving into our new home just a little over a year ago, I’ve been going room by room focusing on painting, decorating and improving our space. Anyone who has ever bought a new house knows how expensive those first few years can be so I turned to Pinterest for some DIY inspiration.

I found this pin from Our Family Four and I was IN LOVE with the original pinner’s end result. It looked unique and it fit perfectly with the room I was focused on. The pin had fairly detailed instructions so I thought it would be an easy project.

See how my project turned out



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