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I’ve been cleaning with natural products for several years now, trying to use less commercial chemicals around the house. My usual “all natural” cleaners are baking soda, vinegar, salt and lemon juice.

I recently came across a pin on Pinterest from Tip Junkie where she complied a great list of all natural household cleaners!

Here is the pin:

What I want to know is do they work? I want to use more natural cleaners but they still have to get the job done.

The first cleaner I decided to try was the soap scum cleaner. It’s from the Tip Junkie:

It’s #7 on the list and it only calls for two ingredients: equal parts vinegar and blue Dawn. Just heat up the vinegar then mix everything in a spray bottle. Spray away.

Shower Cleaner Pin-vestigated @
I tried to take better pictures but the lighting was not so good!

Here’s what I liked:

1. Dawn is phosphate free! So many soaps are not.
2. The cleaner was easy to make and use.
3. The vinegar disinfects and helps with mold as well.

Now for the big question, did it work?

Yes it did, however I have hard water as well as soap scum. So overall it did a good job, but I will need to go back over some areas and scrub a little harder. It worked really well getting the soap scum off the shaving mirror in our shower. All in all I feel like it worked just as good as the foaming chemical cleaners I’ve used in the past.

One last tip… you will want to open the windows since the vinegar smell can be strong. I think I’m going to add a few drops of tee tree oil to my next batch to help with the vinegar smell.

How does it work for you? Try it out and come back here to leave your feedback!

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