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I have two kids and they are pretty good eaters, but recently my 17 month old has decided to become picky.

I’ve been looking for fun foods that he would be enticed to eat. Enter: Chicken and Rice Balls.

chicken rice balls from

Chicken & Rice Balls from

I pinned this a few days ago, and made them two nights ago. I changed it up bit. Instead of the Cream of Mushroom soup (my husband is allergic) I used a cream of something soup mix I also got on Pinterest for the gravy. I used a cookie scoop to make the balls and rolled them in Panko Flakes instead of the cornflakes just because that’s what I had in my pantry. The gravy and ketchup were put on the side so the kids could pick up the balls and dip them in the sauce of their choice.

It was a hit! So if you have picky eaters, or even if you don’t, this was a fun change up on the the traditional Chicken and Rice!

What other recipes have you tried?

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