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DIY Hair Bow


This DIY hair bow is so unbelievably easy to make.  Let’s be honest, if they were hard to make I probably wouldn’t have made them. Here’s what you’ll need: 1. Fabric (I got mine from Joann’s) 2. Fabric Scissors 3. Hot Glue 4. Leather 5. …

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How-to: Papier Mache Easter Eggs

Ditch plastic Easter eggs entirely! These papier mache Easter eggs are just as fun to hide and find, and they have just as much room for treats inside. The bonus to papier mache Easter eggs over plastic eggs, however, is that they’re made from recycled…Continue Reading

Awesome Strawberry Sauce

Don’t you just love it when strawberries come into season? I know that we can get strawberries somewhere all year long but when they REALLY come into season, there are a few strawberry things that I just have to make and this is one of them.  Awesome…Continue Reading

Dying Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

Dying Easter Eggs with Silk Ties With every holiday, there comes traditions. And, Easter is no exception in our household. From attending Church Service, to Family Dinner, filling Easter Baskets and even Easter Egg hunts! Speaking of Easter Eggs, I like to put a spin on dying them each year. It is always nice toContinue Reading

Silvie’s Southwest Chicken Wraps

  Today’s Guest Author is Silvie from My Silly Little Gang About Silvie: Through my posts I hope to share with you the silly details of raising my little gang of boys and the different things I encounter in my life as a mommy. You can find Silvie on Pinterest at   Here’s one of my family’sContinue Reading

Cardboard Sensory Play Box

  Cardboard Sensory Play BoxToday’s Guest Author is Lauren from Heart of Deborah About Lauren: I am a daughter of the King, a wife and a mother.  I enjoy using the gifts that God has given to me to be a blessing to others. You can find Lauren on Pinterest at   Sensory play is a greatContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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