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Refrigerator Organization Hacks

Over the next few months, I am participating in the 91 Day De-Clutter Event over at Mary Organizes.  I am loving the weekly and daily challenges and have really found great support from the Facebook Group.  Seriously, you could’t find a sweeter group of women.

Last week’s challenge was the kitchen. It felt so nice to go through my fridge, freezer and pantry.  I threw out anything expired and cleaned and reorganized.  I love it.

I love how my fridge cleaned up and I wanted to share a great organization trick that I discovered.

With 2 growing boys and one more on the way, my family goes through a TON of eggs.  We buy them in bulk at Costco and rip through them before they even have a chance to go bad.

Storing 5 dozen eggs can take up a lot of precious real estate in the fridge, but I discovered that a plastic Sterilite Shoe Storage Box holds 5 dozen eggs perfectly!

Organized Refrigerator- Some awesome secret storage solutions!

I love how easy it is to get the eggs and that they are up high enough to avoid little hands.

Organized Refrigerator- Some awesome secret storage solutions!

My second favorite thing is our use of the Stackable Bins.  The bottom bin is big enough to hold an entire Costco sized package of string cheese (yes we are Costco super executive platinum deluxe members) and we use the top bin for yogurt.  The bins make it easy for kiddo to grab a snack without having to open and close the drawers… we had one of the drawers “mysteriously” break because he always seemed to forget to close it before he slammed the fridge door closed.

I am loving my newly organized refrigerator but am always looking for more creative ideas.  If you have any storage or organization ideas or tricks, let me know in the comments or via Pinterest!


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