It's a CANDY CORN Craze!!! Fall is the perfect time of year for Candy Corns! Come check out the best crafts, goodies and decor from the BEST of Bloggeres!


Candy Corn Craze!


‘Tis the season… for CANDY CORN! This traditional fall candy is all the rave. Even the Mars Company is in the Candy Corn Craze! They feature this traditional fall flavor in an M&M flavor, did you know that? Also, Nabisco jumped on the band wagon too, with Candy Corn Oreos… yes, I said Oreos! Crazy huh? There are several other food brands making their staple products with this fall flavor.

Personally, I like the cuteness of their rounded corners and triangular shape. And, just the site of these little cuties remind me of my favorite season of the year – FALL! The colors, the weather, the decorations and the activities are all something I look forward to each and every year. Speaking of decorations and activities, I have found several candy corn projects that I would like to tackle. I have a bit of a candy corn obsession this year and I thought I should find the best of Candy Corn projects from the BEST of Bloggers… so here they are!

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Candy Corn Crafts:



Candy Corn Dress by Snippets of My FFC

candy corn halloween

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