If this sounds rich and decadent, well it is! Three things attracted me to this:

1. It looked YUMMY.

2. It used up the white chocolate that had been in my freezer for an embarrassingly long time.

3. It was something easy that my kids could help with.

I found it on Tasty Kitchen and pinned it for a rainy day (or any day that needed a popcorn boost).┬áHere’s the link:


Here’s what it calls for:

Cake Batter Pop Corn @ pin-n-tell.com

The first time I make something I try to stay true to the recipe and then I’ll tweak it if I think it needs something else the next time. This time I used all white chocolate as it called for, even though I thought it sounded too sweet. I didn’t have yellow cake mix so I used Cherry Chip. Other than that it was pretty easy, melt the chocolate and the shortening and then add the cake mix. Pour over the popped popcorn in a bowl and mix together. You can use two big spoons or you can use your hands, I suggest the latter if you are having kids help. It’s more fun when it’s messy, right!? Place on a cookie sheet and add sprinkles.

Cake Batter Pop Corn @ pin-n-tell.com

Then put the cookie sheet in the freezer and TADA…yummy and sweet. I used yellow sprinkles because that’s what I had. It was yummy and rich. I kept it in the freezer. It would be a fun party snack or something cold and sweet for the summer.

The next time I’m going to make it with bitter sweet chocolate and then use the white chocolate as a drizzle over the top. I think the white chocolate was too rich for me but that’s just my opinion…I’ll post an update when I make the next batch and tell you which one we liked best!

Cake Batter Pop Corn @ pin-n-tell.com


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