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About Beth: I am the owner of LittleWhiteDaisies. LittleWhiteDaisies is the name for the business/hobby that I run from my home, which is more or less right in the middle of England.

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British Springtime Wreath

Have you ever stopped and thought of what Springtime is like in Britain? And summer for that matter…well it is normally a real mixed bag of sunshine and showers, with a lot of grey sky thrown in for good measure. 

Almost every wreath on Pinterest has some sort of meaning, whether it embodies a seasonal significance, personal meaning, or connected to a festival or holiday of one sort or another.

So who would think of celebrating the British springtime? Well I did.  And for inspiration I looked out of my window to the sky above and down into my cute suburban garden.  Yes, the sky was grey, but for some reason it made the garden seem even more colourful! Maybe it was the contrast? The grass was a vibrant green, and the flowers punched out their colour despite the significant lack of sunshine.

My wreath reflects what I saw through the window that day.  The gloomy sky turned into a lovingly woven textured grey background and those defiant colours duly reflected as colourful felt rosettes and some sweet coloured wool kisses dotted here and there. 

That’s my wreath, and that’s the British springtime… in a nutshell…!

I’d be interested to see what you think of it:

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