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POTW Emily Reviews

**Congratulations to the team at Emily Reviews!** You are Pin-n-Tell’s Pinner of the Week!

We are excited to announce that the team from Emily Reviews is this week’s Pinner of the Week! And, they’re is ROCKIN’ Pinterest!  Last week they joined in our All About Travel Pin Party and submitted some super fun travel pins and posts! I have never traveled to Minnesota and loved the insight provided on various vacation spots, we especially liked the review of Paul Bunyan Land! Never knew it existed, and it looks like such much fun :) Emily’s team has such great insight and offers reviews from a variety of items. Whether you’re into travel, green products, fashion, kid products or items for your pets… you’ll find awesome reviews on their blog, there’s something for everyone! But don’t let their name fool you!  You’ll find that they offer so much more, like: recipes, diy, giveaways, etc.! Check out what they’ve been pinning, too!  Here are a few of our favorite pins from: Emily, Laurie, Rachel, Micaela and Miranda… the team at Emily Reviews:

pinner of the week

Perfect Texture Soda Slush

Duct Tape Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Breezy Beach Outfit

Be sure to check out all of their pins and posts and follow Emily Reviews on Pinterest! Let us know, what are some of your favorite things that they’ve pinned?! We would love to hear :) And, again… CONGRATULATIONS!!


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