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Blackened Chicken and Lime Cous Cous. I nearly burned down my boyfriend’s apartment making this dish. Let’s just say that on certain days, my brain is not wired to multi-task.

Honestly, it was a really stupid mistake. I turned down the heat on the wrong burner. As the chicken blackened at a wickedly fast pace, I started to panic.

Me: Babe, I think the chicken is burning, but I am following the recipe. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.
BF: (looks at the stove) Are you supposed to cook it on high?
Me: What do you mean it’s on high?

Cue smoke alarm, a smothering fog and a not so happy boyfriend.

The good news is that it’s blackened chicken. Blackened…a teensy bit charred…what’s the difference? Anyhow, the meal turned out fabulous, and I have to say I really liked the spices on the chicken. Plus, now we know the smoke alarm is fully functioning.

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How about you? Have you had any kitchen pin-tastrophes happen lately?

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