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Today’s Guest Author is Jenny from Jenny’s Blog-o-Rama.

About Jenny: I am a girl (‘woman’ sounds too old and seems to misrepresent my maturity), a wife, and a mother of two insanely complex children that can simultaneously drive me crazy and overwhelm me with their love/intelligence/sense of humor, etc. I love (both) myself, and Jesus, so there is an ongoing rigamrole within my daily life that I’ve decided to write about.

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A couple years ago, my friend brought homemade pinto beans to a potluck.  She had simmered them for hours after soaking the dry beans overnight.  I laughed at her and asked if all that trouble was really worth saving the $1.86 that it would have cost her for 3 cans of beans.  Then I tasted them.  Oh. My. Word.  Those beans were AMAZING!  I asked her for her recipe and attempted to make them, only to end up with bland, lifeless beans.  Boo.

I decided to stay away from homemade bean recipes until I stumbled on a Pin for homemade refried (not really, since there is no frying involved!) made – wait for it – IN THE CROCK POT!  Yes!  And the recipe didn’t involve any pre-soaking either!  GENIUS!

At my next shopping trip, I grabbed a bag of pinto beans (I had never purchased those for actual eating, only kiddie art projects) as well as an onion and a jalapeno (that was a new ingredient for me).  The garlic, cumin and chili powder I already had at home.  After sorting through the beans for random rocks that the lazy bean-machine apparently forgot to sort out, I threw all my ingredients in the crock pot and turned the baby on low.

The concoction smelled super awesome and I was very excited to have something simmering throughout the day, until I remembered that it wasn’t my entire meal (like the normal crock pot contents) it was merely a side dish and I would still have to cook something else to go with it.  Kind of a bummer.

When the cooking time was up, I had to strain the extra cooking liquid out, but set it aside.  Then, I had to manage to return the beans back into the super-hot crock pot (without burning myself or splashing bean-juice everywhere).  Then I grabbed my trusty potato masher (this was a new kitchen tool that I had just received for Christmas!) and start adding all that liquid that I had just strained out, back into the beans. 

This was the part of the recipe that stated “Mash until you have a soft, goopy mess of beans.”  I appreciate the term ‘goopy’ but I still wasn’t sure what was a good consistency, so I had to wing it.  I learned that you want them ‘goopier’ than you normally would, because they will stiffen up, and stiff, plaster-like beans are gross.

My super-involved side dish was so yummy!  I tried a variety of different meal idea to incorporate my amazing beans, but honestly, we kind of got sick of them after a couple days.  We had burritos, taco mountains (basically, all a taco salad, but if I called it a salad, my kids wouldn’t touch it!) plus bean-themed nachos.  All were super tasty, but all have their own gassy side effects, so serve with care! : )

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