I should have known better.

Sure.  Re-pinning fabulous hairdo ideas sounds like an innocent enough task, but people, you need to understand my hair.

Meh, instead of a blog about how much I dislike my hair, let’s talk about this pin.

You’ve probably seen it.  The caption says something fun like “Get beachy waves in only 5 minutes!”

Beachy waves? Nope. This pin isn’t talking about adding a little drama to your bathtub time (does anyone actually have that?).  This pin is all about your hair and turning it from its flat state to the currently trendy, wind-blown, salt encrusted, curly-but-not-Shirley-Temple-curly, look.  Ok, so maybe the salt-part gets skipped over 9 times out of 10.  Hmmm…Maybe that’s where I went wrong.

Beachy Waves Crash & Burn @ pon-n-tell.com

Original pin. Totally doable, right?

When I saw this pinned originally, the caption made it sound like you just needed to separate your hair into two sections, twist, and give it a few once-overs with the ‘ol flat iron.  Sounds easy enough, right?

That is what I proceeded to do and ended up with a crimp-tastic mess of crinkled hair.  Of course I decided to try this idea on a workday.  Bad idea!

There was no salvaging the frizzy mess that my hair had become and I had to completely flatten all my hair over again and proceeded to be late to work.  {Grumpy fist shake….}

That is what I would call a Pin-tastrophe.  End of tale.  But wait…there’s more!

I learned a valuable Pinterest lesson as well, friendly readers!  When I decided to add this pin to my board, I clicked through to make sure it wasn’t spam (insert Pinterest-pat on the back-HERE), but I didn’t actually read the blog that the pin pointed to; I simply figured that I would follow the directions that the previous pinner had left in the comment section.

That is where I made my mistake!

When I eventually went back to the pin and clicked through to the blog “Oh So Pretty: The Diaries” by a sweet gal named Savannah, I caught my hair-err (Get it? Like ‘ERROR’?  Awesome…) within the first few pictures.

The blogger CLEARLY states that before you bring the heat to those twisty sections, you need to BRAID them first!  Ooooohhhhh!  Perhaps that’s where I went wrong?

Also, at the end of the blog, she’s not 100% sold on the whole technique herself.  Sure, she has some cute waves, but she lists “inconsistent” as one of the cons.  As someone with stick straight hair, a little wave-inconsistency is super-noticeable and not a good thing!

I think I will end up trying this technique again but I will remember to try it out on a leisurely Saturday morning when I would only be late to my Costco / Target shopping loop if it went awry.

Also, since I have uber-fine hair, I may try to braid, twist, then flat iron just one big section of my hair and not two skinny sections…we’ll see.

Perhaps I need to just stick with Savannah’s tips and not try to get all crazy with things!

Did you see this pin?  Did you give a try and have similar results?

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