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Today’s Guest Author is Diana from WutzNext.

About Diana: I started my blog three years ago. I ended up being diagnosed with breast cancer after my first post. I didn’t put anything else on it for a couple of years and have just recently picked it up again, very slowly I might add. I’ve been cancer free for three years! I just love being creative and never know what I’ll be doing next, hince the name of my blog, WutzNext.

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When I saw the pin about “Pin-tastrophes” on Pinterest my first thought was that it had to do with the actual pinning process. I’ve pinned houses onto Recipes and stuff like that before and quickly had to edit it.

But one time I came very close to pinning an adorable little bunny rabbit onto “This Looks Yummy” board. I had quite a laugh wondering what people would have thought had I not caught myself!




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