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Today’s Guest Author is Penny from Tippie Toads.

About Penny: I am a creative girl at heart who is very busy raising three crazy and fantastic little boys. Sometimes, my inner-girl just has to come out!

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I was ready for a project and I needed a new 4th of July wreath….So, I perused my Pinterest ideas and Voila!

4th of July Wreath at

4th of July Pin-worthy Project at

I actually merged two ideas, as this wreath was described as using felt and grosgrain ribbon. For my version, I cut red burlap circles and used the paper mache stars from hobby lobby that I sprayed white. I used red burlap and spray painted the brown burlap ribbon to navy.

My inspiration:

But I used these supplies:

I am actually pleased with it, feeling festive at my house and will now move that idea to “Pinterest Accomplished” on my Pinterest board! :)

How about you? Any 4th of July Pin-worthy Projects that you are working on?

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