Day 7 SouvenirToday concludes our first week of the 31 Days of Geocaching.  Day 7 was another easy grab (D2/T1.5) after lunch.  We had planned on trying out a new restaurant, so I looked the area over for a good cache to grab with the kiddos.  Since we live in a highly cached area, finding a fun cache nearby was fairly easy.  After a nice meal, we walked the 500 feet to the GZ and started looking.  We made the quick find after only a few minutes – a great container for the nearby business (not the new place we tried).  Day 7 – check!

Day 7 find

I had to go to work after lunch and work took me up to San Francisco where I had a few hours to kill.  What do I do when I have a few hours to kill?  Find a cache!  Again, out comes the smart phone to see if there is a cool cache nearby.  Yep, an exciting Difficulty 4 / Terrain 2.5 cache.  This one was specific too in that the tide had to be out in order to attempt the cache or at least to attempt it without getting wet!  My timing was perfect in that the tide was indeed out and I was able to scour the GZ for 20 minutes until finally coming up with this difficult find.  Reading through the past logs, the find/DNF rate is about 50/50.  A toughy for sure.  Fortunately, my adventure ended up with a smiley.

Two fun finds to end the week!  Now for week two!

GC2DNDH The Dirty (Baker's) Dozen: Archer J. Maggot (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by caccbag


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