Day 5 SouvenirWoke up on Day 5 with plans of a quick P-N-G on the way home from work. But as usual, all plans are subject to change without prior notification! Check out the log for our Day 5 find:



GC4HTDR (A) VC series extender (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by kickbakjack

FTF baby, oh yeah We saw this one publish at 7:01 am and I shouted to the wifey, “Load up the kiddos, we got some caches to find!” I needed to leave for work at 8:30, so I jumped in the shower real quick while the kiddos were loaded up in the car. We were out the door in about 15 minutes; me in my dress clothes and the kiddos in their PJ’s.

Arrived at the GZ within 30 minutes of published time and with use of the hint, made the quick find!

Day 5 PhotoGrid Cache

What is an FTF you ask? First to Find. The tough but rewarding honor of being the first to discover a cache. Ah, there’s nothing like racing to a recently published cache, getting in the GZ, finding the container, opening it up with baited breath and then seeing that clean, never-before-signed log sheet! The exhilaration! Especially in our neck of the woods, FTF honors are usually claimed within hours, some times within minutes of caches being published.

Well, the story gets better… Not only did we get one FTF, but we scored six! A new personal record. Yep, it was a series of caches from (A) to (G) that was published.

I left for work and the rest of the family went home. But wait! There’s more! Order now and we will more than double your FTF’s from 6 to 14!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we nabbed 14 FTF’s this morning scoring finds from (H) to (O) on the series. Whew! Here is the log from our second round of finds:

FTF baby, oh yeah!

We grabbed the first 6 caches that posted at 7:00 am and claimed 6 FTF honors, hooray. But we knew there were more out there because we had gotten a the (I) published cache notification a few days earlier, but it kept pulling up as unpublished.

Hubby went to work and wifey and kiddos went home, until 10 am rolled around and bingo, the rest of the series published. Back to cache-mobile. Wifey loaded up the kiddos and headed off to see if we could grab some more FTF’s. Yep!

Great view from the GZ. Thanks for a fun-filled morning!

We did DNF one cache, (F) and accidentally skipped right past (L), but the adventure was fun nonetheless.

Be warned: geocaching is a terrible sport.  It can cause late arrivals to meetings, nice dress shoes/pants covered with a thin layer of dust and big smiles from great finds!



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