Day 4 SouvenirDay 4 had big plans!  We were headed to the San Diego Wild Animal Park (now called the Safari Park – but I am old school and like old name better) with some friends of ours.  I carefully mapped out two possible caches for us to grab.  One was actually in the park and the other was literally across the street.


GC1RVEH No, Way! (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by narfinsan

It was a beautiful day and we were quickly lost in the great weather and exotic animals.  We were actually on our way out of the park before we both remembered:  The Cache!  At this point, it was back on the other side of the park.  We thought about grabbing our back-up cache across the street, but it was already 12:30 and everyone was on their way to pizza due to extreme hunger.  Oh well, we will go back to the smart phone after lunch and grab a nearby cache once we have had our fill of delicious pizza.

Day 4 PhotoGrid WAP

Lunch was satisfying (even if the service was not) and now time to find our cache of the day.  I whipped out the smart phone and one of the first caches I saw was called “No, Way!”  I figured it was sign in that our Day 2 find was called “My Way”.  We punched in the coordinates and off to the GZ we went.

This was a difficulty 1.5 / terrain 1.0 so upon our arrival into the GZ (that is I pulled the car to within 6 feet of the cache: a classic park-n-grab), wifey jumped out, made the quick find, signed the log sheet and off to Costco to buy more toilet paper than we really need.  Day 4, check!

SPOILER ALERT:  Cache location/container revealed below!

Day 4 PhotoGrid Cache


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