Day 3 SouvenirI planned ahead for day 3 of our 31 Days of Geocaching by finding a nice 10 minute hike to the GZ in a nearby county park.  We loaded up the family and headed off after some early morning garage sale-ing and a delicious pancake breakfast.


GC1X8ND Eagles And Hawks Over The Grasslands. (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by wxsby

Prepped for a find with our smart phone, back-up GPSr, pen, water and geocaching dog, we found the trail head and started our way up towards a smiley.  It was still fairly early, but the day was warming up quickly.

We made our way into the GZ and armed with the cache hint and some spoiler photos, we expected a quick find.  Fifteen minutes later, with our socks full of stickers and our sweaty brows covered with dust, we were forced to call it: another DNF!  Arg, two DNF’s in two days.  Just in case you were wondering, a DNF is a Did Not Find and earns a frowny face on the online log page.  Some cachers want to keep their pages frowny-face-free and won’t log it, but to us, it is part of the adventure.  We needed to earn our smiley for today (yes, a find results in a yellow smiley happy face) so we trudged back down the trail and loaded up in the truck.

Day 3 PhotoGrid

Fortunately, with today’s smart phone internet and app technology, we were not completely out of luck.  With nearly everything out there now having an app, we whipped out my smart phone’s Geocaching app (I actually use one called c: geo which is free. has a great app as well, but it costs $9.99).  We located a P-n-G within a mile and a half that had been recently found.  I punched in the coordinates and we were off to get our Day 3 Find.

Five minutes later, we hit the GZ (geo-zone or ground zero).  I parked on the side of the lonely street and crossed over in the direction my GPSr pointed.  A minute later – success!  I had the cache container in hand and was pencilling our name down on the log sheet.  Whew, on to Day 4!

Day 3 Find


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