Day 1 SouvenirDay 2 SouvenirPart of the getting a find each day during the 31 Days of Geocaching is a reward souvenir!  Yes, you get a cool little souvenir icon on your personal geocaching profile.  With 31 (and maybe more) possible souvenirs to earn, there is a caching buzz in the house.

We made our find on day 1, earning our Day 1 Souvenir.  Today, my hubby made a solo find on his way to work, earning our Day 2 Souvenir.

GC1Q2K5 My Way (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by libertybel

Day Two of our 31 Days of Geocaching. I had a long day at work ahead so I decided to leave a little early and grab my daily cache on the way. I started off looking for Comic Book Heroes (GC21AHN), a nice easy 1.5/1.5 ammo can in a bush (not a spoiler unless you don’t want to read the cache hint). I punched it into my smart phone and homed in via the phone’s GPSr. 400 feet, 300 feet, 200 feet, 100 feet, 19 feet. I hop out of the car, plenty of bushes around, this should be easy. I glance at my phone and the distance is now climbing… 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet… ARG! I have a free app called GPS Test so I activated it and yep, +/- 200 foot accuracy right now. Well, I am prepared cacher – I always carry my good ole faithful Garmin 60CXS GPSr. I punch the coordinates into the Garmin and it confirms that the cache is still several hundred feet away. I cheat and whip out the not-so-smart phone to google map the cache location versus my current location. Okay, I need to head two driveways down and it should be behind the warehouse. I get back into my car, check the time, still good to go. Two driveways later and behind the suspect warehouse, both devices agree that the cache is only 100 feet away… straight up a small hill that is impenetrably thick with bushes. ARG again. If I was in hiking clothes I would have bushwacked the crap out of the hill and simply charged that last 100 feet. Unfortunately, slacks, dress shirt and shoes are not the best bushwacking clothes. With great sadness, I DNF’ed this bad boy, for now!

Day 2 DNF

I get back into the car, check the time; I can save this. I whip out the smart phone again and find another cache, My Way (GC1Q2K5) that is about half a mile away. Ok, I pull it up. Left on Scott Street, left on Business Park Way, right on Liberty. And they’re off…!

I get into the GZ and start to look. The cache description states, “stay on the sidewalk” but I cannot find a sidewalk. There is the road, the grassy area and the parking lot. Great, it’s going to be one of those caching days. Fortunately, this a 1/1 cache and it was recently found, so I should be able to get the smiley. I look around and with my geo-sense hone in on where I suspect it might be. A quick look around and hooray, there it is! With much joy, I pencil my name onto the log sheet and re-hide. It just might be a good day at work after all!

Not all caching events are this dramatic!  And no, hubby didn’t make this up either!  It really happened because I got the live play-by-cell-phone-play :)

Day 2 Find



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