Day 13 SouvenirDay 13 and we are still going strong.  This traditional cache is known on the the street as an LPC – a lamp post cache!  It is a quick urban find – you just have to be stealthy about making the grab so no one sees you.


GC1MPAA On the (drag) strip (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by K7ELH


Found it Found it

Day 13 of our 31 Days of Geocaching.
Drove into the wrong parking lot on my first attempt. Arg. Back out to the road, next entrance and then the easy find.

We listen to a podcast called “Podcacher” that we enjoy listening to every week.  Their page, says:

We are Sonny and Sandy, a husband and wife geocaching team in Southern California who have created a podcast about geocaching. Podcasting is a way to listen to “radio-like” programs on an MP3 player. PodCacher began in July 2005 and has over 400 shows and counting!

From the beginning, we wanted to deliver high quality, family-friendly shows that would inform, inspire and entertain! So we designed a program that delivers news, tips and tricks, tools of the trade, caching stories, interviews, live audio events, and more!

The reason for this plug is:

1.  it is a great FREE hour long once-a-week show about geocaching that is family friendly
2.  Sonny hates LPC’s  :)
3.  With smart phones now, all you have to do it go to their page and click “listen” and it downloads right to your phone seamlessly

SPOILER ALERT:  cache container and location revealed!



Day 13 Find


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