Day 10 SouvenirDay 10… whew!  You wouldn’t think that it would be this hard to grab a simple cache every day for a month, but it is.  We almost missed yesterday and today got out of hand again real quick.  We started off with some early morning garage sale-ing and the next we knew it was 6:00 pm!


GC4HTF4 (F) VC series extention (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by kickbakjack

Remember Day 5‘s FTF run?  Well, we actually missed two of the caches in the series.  We DNF’ed (F) and plain ole missed (L).  Today was a 6 o’clock run with one kiddo in PJs, one excited because he realized he was going to get to stay up late and two tired parents.

Once in the car, the caching juices started to flow with the anticipation of nailing that darn DNF from Day 5.  Here are our posts from that (F) cache:

Didn't find it Didn’t find it

Tried, but no luck. Got scared off by a local.

Didn't find it Didn’t find it

Came back a second time with DragonJD on the return leg and still no luck for either of us. Oh well. Two strikes in one day… we will come back!
– note: we see Chuy! made the find, so we will hunt this one down.

Found it Found it

Day 10 of our 31 Days of Geocaching!
Came back today with a new set of eyes and not so tired from the FTF run on this series. Walked into the GZ and looked around sans GPSr and made the find in about 5 minutes. Great series! TFTS

SPOILER ALERT:  Tricky little cache revealed!

Day 10 find


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